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What a load of bowls!

March 02, 2020

What a load of bowls!

When Teresa first mentioned that we would be stocking yarn bowls I was surprised. I mean, who would want to put their yarn in a bowl? Surely we wouldn’t sell any and would be stuck with them?

I would soon learn how wrong I was! We sold our initial batch within days and have since restocked them numerous times. What’s more is that I can see why they are so popular. They quite simply stop the yarn cake from jumping all over the sofa before falling on the floor. The yarn also stays clean and doesn’t collect any dirt, fluff or pet hair that might be lurking. Bonus!

Talking of pet hair, our cat “Corey” used to make a beeline for any yarn that Teresa was working with. Now he just leaves it alone as he probably doesn’t realise it’s even there.

So what makes a good yarn bowl? Well firstly they have to be smooth enough to not snag or tear the yarn as it turns in the bowl. Being super smooth like the wooden yarn bowls that we stock is ideal.

A good yarn bowl should be well weighted so the bowl stays put when the yarn is moving. This is what makes a wooden yarn bowl ideal for the job. Jack from Turned Studios is a master of his craft and hand turns his bowls from a range of different woods including Sweet ChestnutSycamore, Oak, Cherry and Beech. He can often be found “galavanting across the Northumberland countryside with my chainsaw” as he puts it. It is important to say that all of Jack’s yarn bowls are made from responsibly sourced wood. For example, trees that have fallen down or that have to be cut down for safety reasons.

Thank you for reading this blog post. I will leave you with a conundrum... Why do you chop a tree down and then chop it up?

Until next time,


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