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Limited Edition Cohana - Embroidered Tape Measure - Sakura Cherry Blossom


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New for Spring, Cohana have released their Sakura Pink Cherry Blossom collection. 

With its rich leather cover and timeless design, this one-of-a-kind tape measure is a work of art in itself.  "Shippo" is one of the traditional pattern designs. The overlapping circles are considered as auspicious for happiness, harmony, and good fortune.

. The tape measure itself has been created by the company Hara DOKI, a manufacturing company that uses high-quality glass fibres that do not stretch or contract, ensuring accurate measurements every time.

The tape measure uses the metric scale and has a length of 1.50 metres.


  • Since leather is a natural material, there may be colour unevenness, etc. Please enjoy it as a texture.
  • Please note that the embroidery thread is vulnerable to friction and rubbing it may cause the thread to fray. If the thread frays, cut it at the root without pulling it.
  • When winding the tape measure, hold the tip of the tape measure and press the take-up button in the centre to store it slowly. If you wind it vigorously, the tip may hit your face and cause injury.
  • Please note that forcibly pulling out the tape more than 1.5m may cause a malfunction.
  • Please note that it may be deformed if it is placed near a fire or heat source.
  • Since the leather of the parts is made of genuine leather, it may expand and contract slightly. If it gets wet with water or sweat, it may cause discoloration stains.