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Limited Edition: Cohana Sewing Set - Mini Scissors & Magnetic Button - Winter Gold 2020


Cohana's theme colour for Winter Limited Edition 2020 is "Winter Gold" and is absolutely stunning! This little set would make a beautiful Christmas gift.

Creamy Beige White with Elegant Gold that brings you warmth and joyful feelings of a crisp winter.

This special set contains:

  • One beautifully designed parquet star marking pin, made from Magnolia, Japanese Judas, and Mizuki trees.
  • A pair of spring-loaded Seki mini scissors, decorated with a handmade tassel and packaged in a small protective leather case. The scissors measure 35mm long and 22mm wide.
  • A magnetic button of Shigaraki Ware that safely holds your needles, pins and stitch markers while crafting, measuring 25mm in diameter and 14mm

Winter Gold items are in limited quantities and for a limited time only.

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