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LYKKE - Ball Winder - Indian Rosewood

What better way to wind those beautiful skeins of yarn into centre pull cakes of yarn!

The new wooden ball winder from LYKKE is hand crafted in India from sustainably sourced Sheesham Rosewood.

Yarn Winder
Metal clamp
Drawstring fabric storage bag

For best results, use in conjunction with an umbrella style yarn swift.

Product Dimensions:
Base Width: 5in (≈12.7cm)
Base Length: 137/8in (≈35.2cm)
Spindle Length: 5in (≈12.7cm)
Clamp Height: 31/4 (≈8.3cm)
Clamp Depth: 13/8 (≈3.5cm)
Suggested Yarn Capacity: Up to 4oz (≈113g)