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Toft - Kimberley the Japanese Macaque Kit

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Kimberley the Japanese Macaque is one of TOFT’s adorable primate crochet patterns from the new Primate launch. Japanese Macaques are also known as the snow monkey, living in the main Japanese islands Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu, they warm themselves by bathing together in hot springs. 

We also stock the Primates pattern magazine if you wanted to give any of the others a try! 

The kit includes:

  • 100g of super soft British wool in DK Stone
  • 25g of super soft British wool in DK Pink
  • An ergonomic 3mm TOFT crochet hook
  • polyester toy stuffing
  • Wool needle for sewing up at the end
  • Thread for the eyes & nose
  • Postcard pattern with instructions for making your animal
  • Getting started crochet advice and links to our ‘how to’ YouTube videos

Level Three kit: This kit is suitable for intermediate crocheters and those with a bit of experience but wanting to further their skills.

Finished size: Approx. 18cm high when in the sitting position

Crochet time: Approx. 1-5 hours

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