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ChiaoGoo - T-Spin Tunisian Crochet Interchangeable Hooks

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Chiaogoo T-Spin Tunisian Interchangeable Hook Set are possibly one of the best sets of Bamboo Tunisian hooks you will find on the market. 

They are made using the same Moso bamboo found in Chiaogoo's Spin Interchangeables sets and are fantastic quality.   

Hook sizes range from 3.5mm to 10mm

All you need is a T-Spin hook, a TWIST or SPIN cable and an end stopper! 

All These hooks are compatible with either TWIST or SPIN cables and accessories. Size E to H (3.5mm to 5mm) need a Small [S] cable and I (5.5 mm) and larger hooks will fit the Large [L] Cables or the Small [S] cables with the use of the Small Cable to Large Tip adapter.