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How to crochet a magic circle

How to crochet a magic circle

by Teresa Alexander 4 min read

What is a magic ring in crochet? This technique has taken the crafting world by storm. If you've ever tried crocheting in the round, you might have found that a little hole forms at the start of your project. This can be frustrating and hard to cover up. The magic ring solves that.
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Crochet tools | image shows a person crocheting with some white yarn and a purple crochet hook | Yarn Worx

Crochet Tools and Accessories Guide

by Teresa Alexander 5 min read

One of the most exciting parts of taking up a new hobby is discovering all the fun tools involved! In this guide to crochet accessories you'll learn about what you need to make everything from basic granny squares to adorable amigurumi.
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How to block knitting | Yarn Worx

How to Block Knitting

by Teresa Alexander 5 min read

Most knitting patterns end with the instruction to block your finished object - but what does that mean? In this guide, we demystify blocking knitwear. We explain what it does, why it's important, and how to do it - giving you great result with your knitting, every single time.
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