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Wool Winders & Yarn Swifts

Wool winders and yarn swifts are very useful and elegant tools that help keep your projects neat and tidy. If you’re sick of getting your yarn tangled and wasting time separating different balls of wool, you’ve come to the right page!

Why use a wool winder?

  • Wool winders help transform your skeins and hanks of yarn into a handy cake.
  • “Caking” your yarns considerably speeds up your knitting or crocheting projects.
  • Yarn ball winders drastically cut down the amount of time you spend untangling strands of wool.

Why use a yarn swift?

  • These hold skeins of yarn in place to help ensure your cakes are knot-free.
  • Swifts can be used in conjunction with wool winders or assist with hand winding.
  • All swifts come complete with secure table fastenings so they remain sturdy during use.

If you require any further guidance on our range of wool winders and swifts, please contact our friendly team of experts. They will be delighted to advise further. If you’re looking to place an order today for ball winders and yarn swifts, we’re delighted to offer free UK delivery on all orders that are over £75.

Wool winder FAQs

What are the best wool winders available?

Here at Yarn Worx, we stock only the highest quality knitting and crochet accessories and our wool winders and yarn swifts are no exception. Both KnitPro and Scheepjes ball winders are renowned for their reliability, stability and elegant wooden finish.

How do you use a yarn swift?

First, unwind your skeins of yarn and remove all labels. Then, open it up into a circle on the table. Drape the yarn over the arms of the swift, being careful not to twist it.

You should then be able to adjust your swift to tighten the strand of wool around the outside. Next, unknot the ties holding the yarn hank and find the other end, which will be your starting point for winding. Pull on this end to wind.

How do you use a wool winder?

Different wool winders work in a variety of ways. However, the typical method is to securely attach your winder to your tabletop.

You then find the end of your yarn and attach it to the notch of your wool winder. By turning the handle of your winder, you can then smoothly pull the yarn into a spherical cake.