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Knitting Project Bags

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Project bags are perfect for keeping all of your knitting and crocheting materials all together in one place. Many bags we stock are also suitable for tucking over your shoulder, so you can take your latest project with you wherever you go. With our expansive range of attractive designs, you’re sure to find a unique project bag that suits your taste.

Why use a knitting project bag?

  • Ideal for those who often misplace loose needles, hooks and yarn
  • Easily transport all of your knitting and crocheting materials from A to B
  • Keep your knitting materials safe from prowling felines and children
  • Knitting project bags also make a wonderful gift for loved ones

What type of project bags do we offer?

As well as wide range of beautiful and unique designs, you can choose from a selection of bag types that suit your individual knitting and crocheting habits. The type of bags we stock include:

Zipped Project Bags – These are great for keeping all your knitting and crocheting essentials together. The zip opening keeps the contents nice and safe from pets.

Drawstring Project Bags – This is the best option if you’re keen on transporting your project around and want quick and easy access for your knitting materials.

Transforming Project Bags – Our innovative range of Heather project bags are made by Beautiful Syster and can handily transform into a yarn bowl for your convenience. Their comfy straps can even help you to knit whilst you’re walking around.

We are proud to stock our fantastic range of knitting project bags, which are produced by the finest of suppliers around the world. Looking to purchase some yarn supplies today? We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £75, so you can stock up for less!