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Isager - Alpaca 1 - 50g

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  • ISAGER ALPACA 1 is an ultra fine, 2ply 100% Alpaca yarn. It is beautiful used alone for lace shawls and scarves but is often used held together with another yarn. Any yarn is "lifted" by being knitted together with Alpaca 1.

    You can also play with the colours here. A thread of Alpaca 1 can give an exciting effect when knitted together with other colours.  One strand of Alpaca 1 can also add unity and bind colours together in a project where many colours are used.

  • Brand Name: Isager
    Yarn Base:
    100% Alpaca (spun and dyed in Peru)
    Skein Weight: 50g
    Needle Size: 3 mm needles = 28 sts / 34 rows
    Length: 400 metres / 438 yards
    Care Instructions: Handwash in cool water using a mild wool wash such as Eucalan

  • Isager are a renowned Danish yarn brand  that are primarily classic yarn qualities for knitting, knitting, crochet, embroidery and weaving.

    Isager has been supplying patterns and quality yarns from Natural Fibres since 1977, both known and loved by knitters the world over. 

    The Isager company resides on a small farm in Tversted, a village in the north of Jutland close to the North Sea, surrounded by beautiful countryside. It's from here that Marianne Isager and her daughter and co-owner of the company, Helga Isager, create their unique yarns and ever popular ranges of knitting patterns.

    Isager yarns are perfect for mixing, and the thoughtful palette makes creating winning combinations so easy.