ChiaoGoo - Needle & Swatch Gauge

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This Chiaogoo Needle & Swatch Gauge is a very handy tool for the discerning knitter or crocheter and is available in both 3" and 5" versions.

3" Swatch Gauge 

  • Smaller size which is perfect for popping in your current project bag
  • 3" (7cm) ruler along two outer edges 
  • Knitting needle size tool for sizes 2.75mm to 10mm (US 2-15)
  • Inches on one side and cm on the reverse

5" Swatch Gauge

  • One side has a knitting needle conversion chart including metric, US and UK / Canada.
  • It also includes types of yarn, their recommended gauge and recommended needle size as well as a printed ruler in inches (up to 5.5")
  • Printed on the other side is a Crochet Hook conversion chart, types of yarn, their crochet gauge range and recommended hook size. Again, there is a printed ruler but this time it is printed in cm (up to 14cm)
  • Useful needle gauge which ranges from 1.5mm up to 10mm.