Filcolana - Arwetta - 50g

100 - Snow White
105 - Slate Green
136 - Mustard
138 - Geranium Red
140 - Burgundy
142 - Periwinkle
143 - Denim Blue
148 - Deep Olive
196 - French Vanilla
197 - Aqua
198 - Tangerine
234 - Slate
236 - Red Clover
250 - Disco Green
251 - Electric Yellow
254 - Coral
278 - Delicate Orchid
340 - Ice Blue
354 - Light Truffle
361 - Madeira Rose
370 - Flamingo
371 - Hibiscus
373 - Vintage Rose
808 - Aqua Mist (Melange)
809 - Avocado (Melange)
810 - Chrysanthemum (Melange)
811 - Caribbean Sea (Melange)
812 - Granite (Melange)
957 - Very Light Grey (Melange)
975 - Dark Chocolate (Melange)
978 - Oatmeal (Melange)
990 - Ragsock (Mouline)
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  • Arwetta is a super soft and durable fingering weight yarn, spun from 80% superwash merino wool and 20% nylon. 

    Arwetta is first and foremost developed for knitting solid and durable knitwear for children. If you want super soft handknitted socks, Arwetta is also a great choice. Overall Arwetta is a yarn full of possibilities for most kind of knitwear - try knitting Arwetta with two or more strands at once, or together with some of our other yarn qualities. Only your imagination can set limits for the creativity when you begin playing with all the colours.

    The merino wool used in Arwetta is mulesing free.

  • Brand Name:Filcolana
    Yarn Base:
    80% Superwash merino / 20% Nylon
    Skein Weight:50g
    Length: 210 metres / 230 yards
    Needle / Hook Size:2.5 - 3mm
    Care Instructions: Machine washable

  • Filcolana produces quality yarns for knitting and crochet from only the best wool and fibres which are sent to spinning mills in Peru, England and Italy. Filcolana focus on quality, sustainability and responsibility and all of their yarn is mulesing-free.

    Filcolana develop their colour palette in-house by some of Scandinavia's most skilled knitting and crochet designers. The colouring materials used are produced according to EU standards and comply with all guidelines for harmless chemistry and environmental considerations.

    Some of the designers are already established on the Nordic knitting scene whilst others are at the beginning of their design careers. For Filcolana, it is important that the designers get the opportunity to express their creativity, and everything is done to support them in their creative process.

    Filcolana's history stretches back to 1952 and they have been owned by several families over the years. In 2009, Nanna Gudmand-Høyer took over Filcolana, and together with her skilled employees, she has run the company ever since.