If I Sits I Knits - Embroidery Kit

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A knitter working away in a café with a pretty tiled floor, and her knitting is looking great so far!

The pink thumbnail is the same pink as the sweater, because it's fun to match nail polish to our knits, right?!

This kit already comes with enough floss to stitch the hand either a pale skin tone holding rosewood needles, or you switch those two colours and stitch the hand a dark skin tone holding bamboo needles.

This embroidery kit by Knitting Bliss Stitching includes everything you need, except scissors: 

- all floss needed for complete design 
- pre printed design outline on 100% cotton 
- 2 stainless steel embroidery needles
- bamboo embroidery hoop, 6 inches diameter
needle threader
- magnetic needle minder
- printed instructions with link to webpage for more details if needed