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Free UK delivery for orders over £75

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Black Elephant Yarn

Black Elephant Yarn was created by Petra Schwarczova. She discovered her love of hand dyed yarn after moving to Sheffield from her mother country of Slovakia. After attending a number of UK yarn shows, it wasn’t long before she was making her own unique colourways. Her great talent is evident from the incredible range she produces. She is also dedicated to teaching beginners the art of knitting, both in Slovakia and the UK.

What makes Black Elephant yarn special?

  • Stunning colour combinations including speckles and semi-solids.
  • You’re sure to find the right colours and fades suitable for any size of project.
  • All Black Elephant Yarn is mulesing-free and ethically sourced.

Looking for further advice or information on the Black Elephant Yarn range? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team of experts. If you’re interested in stocking up on wool today, we’re delighted to offer our valued customers FREE UK delivery on all orders over £75!

FAQs about Black Elephant Yarn

What does mulesing-free mean?

Black Elephant’s founder, Petra, only uses mulesing free yarn for her products. This is ethically sourced wool from producers who do not use the harmful mulesing procedure on their sheep. Mulesing is a cost-effective method of protecting sheep from the threat of blowflies but it causes a lot of pain to the animal.

Where does the Black Elephant name come from?

The business name was inspired by the picture of an elephant on the front of Petra’s childhood notebook. Her mother bought her the notebook to help her collate together all of her knitting ideas. Petra’s surname also translates as “black” in German and many of her friends would often call her this.

What is the bestselling Black Elephant yarn?

Black Elephant’s Merino sock yarn is incredibly popular and at Yarn Worx, we stock this in 14 beautiful colours. The stunning Arebela and Gloaming colourways are our most popular. This incredible hand dyed yarn is constructed from 75% superwash merino wool and 25% nylon.